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How Twitter Can Help Grow Your Tutoring Agency

Social Media platform Twitter has 15 million active users – and that’s only in the UK. Imagine if your tutoring agency could tap into even a small percentage of that audience – business would be booming in no time. At TutorCruncher, we’re big fans of the social networking site and we’ve put together a list of ways that Twitter can help grow your tutoring agency.

Increase Customer Engagement

Twitter is all about engaging with your audience, building your agency’s reputation and interacting with potential students and tutors. One of the great things about Twitter is that it enables your tuition agency to show a bit of personality and give your audience an insight into your world. Nowadays, people consider social media to be a part of their customer experience of a business so make sure that you reply to every enquiry that you receive through the site.

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Marketing on the Go

Using Twitter to grow your tuition agency doesn’t necessarily mean sitting in your office in front of your PC. In the UK, 80% of Twitter users access the platform through their mobile phones. So if your audience are engaging on the go, then why can’t you? Being able to post updates anytime, anywhere means that you can grow your agency out with your office hours. The flexibility that social media apps bring to business is incredible so there’s no excuse for not being active on the site.

Networking Opportunities

As well as being a great tool for B2C marketing, Twitter can also be useful for making contact with other local businesses in your area. Twitter enables you to keep abreast of what other businesses are doing and open up doors to potential co-working. Perhaps you or a local business is hosting an event that you can attend? Or perhaps you could sponsor a business that is a driving force for education in your local area? Twitter provides the perfect opportunity to make contact with other businesses without going in for the hard sell.

Offer Your Followers Exclusivity

One way to make the most of Twitter as a tutoring agency is to offer promotions or discounts exclusively to your followers. People love a good bargain and when they feel that they’re being offered something exclusively, they see more value in the service. Perhaps you could offer a discount on a series of lessons to a lucky student? Or offer people the chance to enter into a free prize draw for some Amazon vouchers?

Business Promotion

Twitter can be a great way to tell your audience about your news and achievements. Perhaps you’ve recently recruited a new tutor and want to spread the word about their experience and past successes? Or maybe you have a student who achieved straight A’s in their exam results thanks to your help? Showcasing your tuition agency’s achievements on Twitter can help establish your agency as an authority in the industry.

Have a look at the infographic below for some more great ways to engage with people on Twitter:

Engage on Twitter

In what ways do you use twitter to engage with your audience? Do you have any success stories of using the social media platform that you’d like to share with us? We’d love to hear from you.

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