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Dealing with Data

Dealing With Data

This is Part V of Understanding Programming: A Primer, an exclusive series for EDUKWEST designed to teach you the basics of computer programming. This series is designed to be a tutorial and you will be the most successful if you work through the tutorial with your text editor open. Key in the code as it appears and try to make it run correctly yourself. You’ll find that by the end of this series, you’ll be able to develop simple programs and understand the process of computer programming.

In the last article in the series we examined control structures– conditionals and loops— that are critical in most programming languages. They allow your programs to make decisions based on the criteria that you set as the developer. In this article we’re going to switch gears and examine data and how it’s stored. We’ll take a close look at three data structures: lists, tuples and dictionaries. You may not have given much thought to data before. The easiest way to conceptualize data is as organized information.

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