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How Mobile Technology Can Help Grow Your Tutoring Agency

Does mobile technology currently feature in your tutoring agency’s marketing strategy? If not, you probably aren’t aware of how much mobile use has increased over the past few years. Mobile can be a great way to improve engagement with students, parents and tutors and can help grow your tuition agency significantly.

Improve Audience Engagement

According to research from Deloitte, 72% of us own a mobile phone in the UK and the market has seen a 14% growth in the last 10 months alone. Given this fact, there’s huge potential for your agency to get to know your customers better through mobile engagement. Text messaging and email alerts, for example, can be used to remind students of their lessons and calendar apps can be used by tutors to manage their timetables more effectively. Since a tuition agency’s target audience tends to be students, it’s interesting to read that mobile use is highest amongst 16 – 24 year olds, with 89% owning smart phone. As an agency, you can also make use of mobile to better engage with parents by sending them links to their child’s progress reports.

Mobile Responsive Website

Nowadays, in the age of mobile, not only does your tutoring agency need a website, it needs a website that is mobile responsive. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to navigate a desktop layout on a mobile phone screen and the reality is that you could be losing out on customers. If your website allows students to book lessons online, then it’s essential that you have a mobile version of your website to enable easy access and accept payments in a straightforward way. According to the same Deloitte survey, 50% of people have made a purchase online using a smartphone, so as an agency, you need to provide them with that opportunity too. Mobile responsive websites improve customer experience and enables people to easily find the information they want while they’re on the go. By becoming an early adopter to mobile technology, your tuition agency will send out all the correct signals to students and parents and help grow your brand’s reputation.

Targeted Advertising

One way in which mobile technology can help grow your tutoring agency is to get smart about your advertising. Traditional advertising still has its place, but mobile advertising is the future. When people visit your website, they don’t want to be bombarded with adverts that aren’t relevant to them, so it’s important that the adverts you do show on your site are properly targeted and within the education niche. Mobile responsive websites should automatically resize banner ads to adjust to mobile screens and there are also applications out there that can provide you with the insights needed to measure the success of your current advertising efforts.

Does mobile marketing feature in your agency’s business strategy? How has it helped grow your tutoring agency? Perhaps you’ve never embraced mobile technology in business before? How do you plan to use mobile to better engage with students, parents and tutors?

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