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How Local Offline Marketing Can Help Promote Your Tutoring Agency

In an age where digital marketing has taken over, it’s easy to forget just how important offline (or traditional) marketing is to a tutoring agency. Spreading the word about your services outside of the internet can yield some great (and often surprising) results. We’ve outlined a number of ways that local offline marketing can help promote your tutoring agency.

Networking Events

Check your local business news for details of networking events in your local area. Attending an event like this can be a great opportunity to tell people about your tuition agency and might even open up some business opportunities for you. These get-togethers normally take place in the morning or after work, so they’re usually well-attended. And remember, it’s not just school kids who can benefit from your services, some employers use tutoring agencies for language tuition for their staff.

Remember Your Business Cards

Other than being a great ice-breaker at networking events, business cards are a great way to promote your tutoring agency in your local area. Think about how many people you speak to in a typical working day? If you gave each of them one of your business cards, it wouldn’t be long before everyone in your local area recognized the name of your agency. Remember, word of mouth is often one of the best marketing tools out there and handing out business cards can be the fuel that stokes the fire.

Cross Promote With Local Businesses

Who said that growing your tuition agency meant doing it all by yourself? Medium and larger local businesses are always looking for ways to increase their reach so why not partner up with a local company and agree to cross promote each other’s services? This could be as simple as displaying posters in your office or inserting flyers into mailshots. Collaborating with another business can work really well within a local area.

Sponsor Local Fundraising Events

Local charities often hold events to raise money for their causes. Why not offer to sponsor the event by donating money to the charity in return for some promotion at the event? This could involve having your name placed on any promotional material that the charity sends out or being mentioned in any local media or press. Local PR is always a great way to promote your tutoring agency and its worthwhile making the most of any opportunities that arise. Likewise, having a strong presence on the day of the event can also be a great way to meet potential customers face to face. Perhaps set up your own stall amongst the others there and encourage people to come over for a chat.

Which offline marketing methods work best for your tutoring agency? Are there any traditional marketing methods you can think off that we’ve left off this list? What do you see as being the benefits of meeting customers face to face rather than interacting online? We’d love to hear your opinions.

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