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How to Boost Productivity within Your Tutoring Agency

There’s always scope for a business to improve its productivity. Whether that means responding to enquiries quicker, solving issues faster or improving customer experience, every tuition agency can streamline its processes to improve its service. We’ve put together a list of ways that show you how to boost productivity within your agency, grow your business and improve sales and revenue.

Maintain Interaction with Tutors

Customer experience is everything in business, let alone in the education industry where many agencies operate on their reputation of being able to deliver results. One way to boost productivity in your agency is to make your tutors feel that their efforts are being monitored regularly. This means arranging regular reviews and discussing performance as well as providing access to productivity reports, lesson schedules and other business insights that might help them appreciate how their role fits into in the bigger picture of your agency.

Engage with Parents through Monthly Newsletters

Sending monthly newsletters to parents can be a great way to spur your agency into action, after all, if you don’t achieve anything, you can’t write about it in your newsletter. By taking responsibility for the day to day operations of your business, you’ll start to identify opportunities to showcase the talents of your tutors and the successes of your students, both of which make for impressive reading in a newsletter. Think of your mailshots as part of your marketing strategy, giving you an opportunity to grow the reputation of your agency through your successes, achievements and academic results.

Monitor Your Business Performance

In order to quantify your tutoring agency’s productivity, you need to have the tools in place to gain the insights that you need. Using tutoring agency management software like that offered by TutorCruncher, can be a great tool to improve the efficiency of your business and reduce the amount of time you spend on administrative tasks. Just imagine how much your agency’s productivity would improve if you had access to all your company’s data in the one place? TutorCruncher’s agency software enables agencies to access pupil reports, lesson schedules and invoices and billing, all at the click of a mouse.

Ask for Feedback

Sometimes, identifying ways to improve your agency’s productivity comes from the outside. Why not start sending regular questionnaires to your employees, students and their parents to learn about their experiences of using (or working for) your agency? Anonymous questionnaires can be a great way for a business to identify which areas need improving and which are they already performing well in. What’s more, by sending feedback questionnaires, you show your employees and your customers that you care about your agency’s reputation and that you value their opinions about your business.

What methods have you employed to boost your tutoring agency’s productivity? Have you ever made use of bespoke tutor management software? How did it help improve your agency’s productivity and grow your business? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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