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Rahim Hirji is a London based strategy professional, business executive and entrepreneur. He has a particular speciality in helping individuals and organisations overcome the dramatic shifts in digital affecting industry today. With significant experience across the education and media sectors, Rahim has advised a diverse range of corporate and start-up clients on strategy, digital and change. A technology and management graduate by training, Rahim has been working with CEOs, entrepreneurs and business heads around the world for more than 15 years. Rahim is currently CEO at Maths Doctor, a disruptive educational start-up, focused on live online tuition and incubated by Macmillan Digital Education. Rahim lives in London, England, with his wife and two daughters.
minimum viable product

Defining Your Minimum Viable Product

The minimum viable product approach to taking digital products to market presents a conundrum for anyone whether within an organisation or as an entrepreneur. The balance is between delight, a good enough product and the biggest one of them all – budget. Once you have pitched for a rough funding figure only to find that it was half of what you need, you are faced with three questions: go to market with a shoddy product, go to market late once you receive that extra funding, or don’t go to market at all. After all, we don’t usually launch products for charity’s sake. I’ve been there – we’ve all been there.

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best mockup tools

The Best Mockup Tools for your Digital Business Ideas

Mockup Mania – Translating an idea into product requires a starting point. First time entrepreneurs or wannabe entrepreneurs find it difficult to translate their ideas into that end product. That’s not their fault – it’s a lack of education that is available for people who want to do something that belongs vaguely in the online space. The mockup is an ideal tool to get your idea into the heads of others – and the good thing is this: creating a mockup doesn’t need to be difficult. In fact with the right mockup tool, your mockup could even look like your real product.

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